Ninth class (April 15th)


In the ninth class we went over the second half of chapter 8 and began on the grammar in chapter 9.

We also began reading the short novel Gerda malaperis!, which author Claude Piron designed for students: the vocabulary is kept to a minimum, and the grammar starts out very easy, gradually getting more difficult in later chapters.

By now you should be familiar with:

  • Expressing parts of the day with both -n and -e, for example Ni kunvenos mardon vespere. (= We’ll meet (on) Monday (in the) evening).

  • Ordinal adjectives (unua, dua, tria) and how they take the same endings as other adjectives.

  • Using numbers also as nouns and adverbs (duo, due) and making number-related words and expressions (dufoje, la dua fojo).

  • The number suffixes -obl, -on, and -op.

  • Telling time, and asking what time it is with kioma.


  1. Do exercises from the second half of chapter 8: 8.4, 8.5, and the demandoj. Start reading chapter 9.

  2. Read the first two chapters of Gerda Malaperis (each “chapter” is about a page long) and try the exercises.