Eleventh class (April 29th)


The academic semester ends today, so this was officially the last class session of our Spring course. Some of the students are planning to stick around, however, so we may continue for a few more sessions.

This time we went over exercises from chapter 9 and introduced about half the grammar of chapter 10.

By now you should be familiar with:

  • Comparisons with pli.

  • Superlatives with plej.

  • The suffixes -ad, -ar, -ebl, -ind, and -id.


Read chapter 10 and solve as many exercises as you can manage. It’s a long chapter, so we’ll break it down over two classes.



Following up on last week’s article, Learning by reading, we looked over some beginner learning materials. One is the story Gerda malaperis! that we’ve touched on before.

In class we also looked at paper copies of Juna Amiko, a magazine from Hungary designed for younger students (but which is still fun for grown-ups). There’s also a huge, free archive of back issues online.

Another popular choice for beginners is the Katrina series of novels by Sten Johansson, for example Vojaĝo kun Katrina and Katrina malfruas. We have several of these available in our lending library.