Eighth class (April 8th)


We spent most of the eighth class on questions about chapter 7, and we started on the grammar from chapter 8.

By now you should be familiar with:

  • “Impersonal” verbs, where there’s no subject.

  • The use of adverbs (-e) instead of adjectives (-a) with impersonal verbs.

  • The pronoun oni.

  • The correlatives starting with ĉi- and neni-.

  • The use of -n in place of prepositions when expressing time and measures.

  • Days of the week, months of the year.

  • The suffix -er.


  1. Read chapter 8 of the text (Televido kaj radio) and do exercises 8.1 through 8.3.



  • We looked at a flyer for the Kastelo Grezijono, which is presented in detail in chapter 8. The Château de Grésillon is a real castle in northwestern France that specializes in hosting Esperanto cultural events.