Sixth class (March 25th)


We spent most of the sixth class on chapter 6 of the textbook and part 2 of Mazi en Gondolando.

By now you should be familiar with:

  • The use of prepositions to indicate where something is occurring, e.g., sur, sub, apud, antaŭ, etc.

  • The use of -is for past tense and -os for future tense.

  • Making possessive adjectives (e.g. mia, via) from pronouns.

  • Marking the direct object with -n on correlatives, e.g., Kian leteron ŝi sendis?

  • The correlatives kial and tial

  • The prefix re- to indicate repetition or returning.

  • The particle ĉi to indicate proximity.


  1. Read chapter 6 of the text (Pri via ferio) and solve the ekzercoj and demandoj. The solutions will be available next week.

  2. Try your hand at the translation exercise for part 3 of Mazi. (See the handouts below.)



  • The song Jen by La Porkoj:

  • Angoroj (1964), the first film entirely en Esperanto:

  • The Brazilian film adaptation of Claude Piron’s Gerda malaperis!:

  • A trailer for Attack of the Moon Zombies, a film by Christopher R. Mihm with dubbing available in Esperanto. (The DVD is available in our lending library):