Links to some useful Esperanto-related resources around the web.

Travel and Tourism

Pasporta Servo
The international hospitality service for Esperanto speakers. Travel the world and stay with friendly Esperantists who’ll give you free lodging and even show you around their city. For English-language info here’s the Wikipedia entry and a Wall Street Journal article.
Aŭtuna Renkontiĝo de Esperanto
An annual fall Esperanto weekend organized by the Quebec Esperanto Society and held in Silver Bay, Lake George, NY.
The “Mid-Canada Gathering” is held each spring. It moves each year to a different city in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec.
Kastelo Grezijono
The Château de Grésillon is a castle in Baugé, France devoted to Esperanto culture and Esperanto-speaking travelers. It hosts regular events and festivals.
The “Esperanto House” in Kostrena, Hungary.
in Bouresse, France.


Pola Retradio
News and features from Warsaw. An excellent example of Esperanto pronunciation and usage.
Radio Esperanto
From Kaliningrad, Russia. Presented by the editors of the Esperanto publishing house Sezonoj.
Radio Vatikana
Yup. The Vatican broadcasts in Esperanto.
Ĉina Radio Internacia
China’s powerhouse of Esperanto broadcasting, in Beijing. The station website also offers an extensive variety of up-to-date news articles in Esperanto.
Radio Havana
Radio Havana Cuba broadcasts 30 minutes of Esperanto programming weekly.
3ZZZ radio
From Melbourne, Australia. One hour of Esperanto weekly.


For thousands of printed works, check out the Esperanto-USA bookstore (with instructions in English) or the Catalog of UEA, for starters. For free stuff available online, see …

Project Gutenberg’s Esperanto collection
Project Gutenberg is the first and largest collection of free electronic books on the Internet. Their Esperanto bookshelf contains a number of original works as well as translated classics by Mark Twain, Daniel Defoe, Edgar Allen Poe, and others.
Scienca kaj Teknika Esperanto-Biblioteko (STEB)
An library of online books devoted to the sciences and engineering.
Original works from Hungary
A collection from 20th-century Hungarian masters Kalocsay, Baghy, and others.

Language Reference

La Plena Ilustrita Vortaro de Esperanto (PIV)
The most extensive printed dictionary of Esperanto is now freely available online!
ReVo: Reta Vortaro
An extensive online dictionary. Definitions are in Esperanto, with some translations to English and other languages.
La Simpla Vortaro
A helpful interface to the definitions in ReVo. It attempts to intelligently segment compound words and determine how they are derived. Very useful for beginners.
Baza Esperanta Radikaro
An online version of the concise dictionary by Wouter F. Pilger. Simple definitions for the 2500 most common roots of Esperanto. A great resource for beginners weaning themselves off a dependence on their native language.
PMEG: Plena Manlibro de Esperanta Gramatiko
A very detailed guide to the finer points of Esperanto grammar and usage.
Free, online Esperanto courses with tutors.


Resources for entering and reading Esperanto text online in Unicode, a standard for representing symbols from all of the world’s writing systems, including Esperanto.

Practical Unicode for Esperanto
A Wikipedia guide (in English) for entering accented Esperanto characters with various operating systems.
EK: Esperanta Klavaro
A program that allows easy typing of Esperanto’s accented characters in older versions of Microsoft Windows.
Another program for Windows, including versions 7, 8, and 10.
Esperanto keyboard for macOS
A keyboard layout for Mac OS X that allows easy entry of accented Esperanto characters. (Another method is to use macOS’s built-in ABC - Extended keyboard, which adds the Esperanto “hats” with opt-^ and opt-b.
Esperanto en Linukso and
Esperanto en Vindozo
Bertilo Wennergren’s guides to typing and viewing Esperanto’s accented characters with Linux and Microsoft Windows.

Groups and Organizations

UEA, la Universala Esperanto Asocio
UEA is the world’s largest organization for Esperanto speakers; it functions as an umbrella group for the various national organizations. UEA has offices in Rotterdam, Netherlands and at UN headquarters in New York City. The web site is available in Esperanto, English, and several other languages.
The national Esperanto organization for the USA. E-USA provides a number of useful services for Americans, including a bimonthly magazine and an online bookstore with a wide range of titles.
TEJO, la Tutmonda Esperantista Junulara Organizo
TEJO is the international organization for young (under 30-ish) Esperanto speakers. They sponsor the popular Pasporta Servo.

Free news and magazines

Juna Amiko
A huge archive of back issues of a wonderful magazine from Hungary designed for young Esperanto students.
Le Monde Diplomatique
The multilingual magazine of world news and analysis from France. The French and English translations require a subscription, but the Esperanto translation is free!
El Popola Ĉinio
A large news site presenting China’s perspective on world events. Frequently updated, with features on Chinese culture, tourism, science and education, more.
Libera Folio
News from Esperantujo: events, meetings, culture, editorials.
La Ondo de Esperanto
News, literature, and book reviews from Russia.
Limited free online access to the subscription-only magazine.