Notoj kaj hejmtaskoj por la 30-a de Oktobro

This week we finished watching the third episode of Pasporto and practiced the prepositions en, apud, antaŭ, malantaŭ, inter, sub, sur kaj super.

We also talked about the long tradition of Esperanto-kongresoj: (conventions, get-togethers, courses, etc.) that Esperantists flock to each year by the thousands. Kongresoj are great opportunities to travel, learn about other cultures, and make friends from all over the world. Many of the events are youth-oriented, like IJK (Internacia Junulara Kongreso) JES (Junulara Esperanto-Semajno), and IJS (Internacia Junulara Semajno).

Rowland Goodbody is an Esperanto speaker from Britain who documented his adventures at this years’ SES and IJS on YouTube.


Video: tria leciono


  1. Rewatch the lesson from Pasporto, using the dialog (in the PDF file above) as a guide. Certainly some of the vocabulary will be new, but if you listen/read closely, you’ll also notice a few grammatical elements (e.g. suffixes, word endings) that we haven’t covered so far. See if you can spot a couple of these; write them down and ask about them in class next time.
  2. Solve the practice problems in the PDF file above. The translation exercise may be challenging; if you get confused, please ask questions!
  3. If you’re interested in using Esperanto for travel, follow the link to Rowland’s Youtube video. It has English subtitles that should load automatically.