Class notes and homework, Oct 16

We watched the second episode of Pasporto al la tuta mondo, which introduces a lot of new grammar and vocabulary. This week we focused on the first part, which deals with numbers and telling time; next week we’ll revisit the rest of the episode.


Video: dua parto


  1. Carefully read over the grammar handout and then try the practice problems.
  2. Now re-watch the video and see if you can keep up with the numbers flying about when characters ask “Kioma horo estas?” and when Georgo and Flora talk about all the expensive fakturoj she has to pay. Use the printed dialogue as a guide.
  3. While watching, you’ll encounter a number of expressions and grammatical structures we haven’t talked about yet (or that we’ve only touched upon briefly in class). These might be good topics for mentioning in your Esperanto journal — or to ask me about, in class or via email.
  4. Send your answers to the practice problems to esperanto at If you send them early enough, I’ll try to get the answers back to you before class.