Class notes and homework, Oct 2

This week we watched the first episode of the videocourse/soap-opera/telenovela Pasporto al la tuta mondo, where we met the members of la familio Bonvolo.




  1. Carefully read over the grammar handout and then try practice problems 1.1 and 1.2.
  2. Now re-watch the video. (You can skip over the introduction and commentary at the end: the action begins at about 2:46.) Try to follow everything said; you don’t need to memorize all the vocabulary, but pause the video as necessary and check the dialogue and vocabulary list if you’re confused by anything.
  3. Solve the rest of the practice problems and send your answers to esperanto at; If you send them early enough, I’ll be able get the corrections back to you before our next class. Speaking of next class: due to the upcoming fall break we won’t meet again until the 16th… but please don’t wait until then to do the homework!