Class notes and homework, Sep 25

In the first class we talked mainly about Esperanto as a historical/social phenomenon, with only a little language instruction. Next week we’ll dive into the language itself.



  1. Read the class handouts. Don’t worry about the dictionary; it’s just there as an example. You don’t have to memorize it. :-)
  2. Sign up for a free account at Lernu!, a site with lots of great resources for Esperanto students. Spend a few minutes exploring the site. You’ll find courses, reading materials, forums, chat rooms, and more.
  3. Practice pronouncing the parts of the alphabet that are new to you. Read over the handout from class, and check out this interactive page at Lernu.
  4. Start an Esperanto journal: set aside part of a notebook where you can record new things you learn — and questions you have — as we progress through the course. Add a new entry every day with the new words you’ve learned, new grammar structures, etc.