Class notes and homework, Mar 21



In class we covered parts of chapters 8 and 9, including the endings -i and -u, and we talked about how to use the comparative pli and the superlative plej.

We also went over examples of how to use the preposition da, which we first saw in expressions like kiom da…. We use da to refer to a quantity:

galjono da benzino a gallon of gasoline
funto da sukero a pound of sugar
tuno da karbo a ton of coal

When translating from English, the choice of da or de can sometimes be confusing. Should “a glass of water” be glaso da akvo or glaso de akvo? It’s a subtle distinction. The answer depends on whether we’re focusing on the glass itself, or on the amount of water in that glass. The preposition de simply describes what’s in the glass, whereas da focuses on the amount of water the glass holds — as if someone had asked us “how much water?”

In English this distinction is sometimes made by the addition of -ful:

glaso de akvo a glass of water
glaso da akvo a glassful of water

Kio estas tio, sur la tablo? —Tio estas glaso de akvo.
Kiom da akvo vi trinkis? —Mi trinkis glason da akvo.

Poste, ni vidis la trian parton de Mazi en Gondolando:

Kaj ni aŭskultis la kanton “Jen”:

And here’s a cover version, sung by Ĵomart kaj Nataŝa:


  • Legu ĉapitrojn naŭ kaj dek en la libro de Marček. For the sections marked with a book icon, try reading through these once quickly; then read through a second time, translating into English as you go; and finally read them once more, slowly, making sure you understand everything.
  • On page 45, translate the story “Nia familio” into English. In Esperanto, answer the questions in the section Respondu and fill in the blanks in the section Kompletigu.
  • Skribu tiujn ĉi numerojn per ciferoj (“digits”): dek ok, cent dek du, dudek sep, ducent kvardek kvin, okcent unu, mil naŭcent naŭdek naŭ.
  • Skribu tiujn ĉi ciferojn per vortoj (“words”): 114, 504, 17, 1984, 321, 888, 2011, 678, 1776.

Send your answers via email to hoss at lodestone dot org or bring them to class next week.