Class notes and homework, Feb 14

Feliĉan tagon de Valenteno! (Happy Valentine’s Day!)

In class

We covered up to chapter 3 in the Marček textbook. (The books are still on order, so if you didn’t get a photocopy of chapter 3 in class, just ask for a PDF copy by email.)

Some of the new words (like kia) showed up in the first part of Mazi that we watched. We also saw a music video by the Finnish group Dolchamar. If you liked Junaj idealistoj (below), you can find many more of their songs on Youtube, and some of their albums are available via iTunes.


  • Read pages 15-19 in the textbook and study the accompanying grammar handout.
  • Answer the questions in the section labeled Respondu on page 19. Use complete sentences.
  • Translate the text in the section Legu (also on page 19) into English.
  • Translate the following (admittedly silly) text into Esperanto:
    What is that? That’s an animal. What kind of animal is it? It’s a small cat. And that’s a horse. A horse is an animal, too. (Hint: “Also a horse is an animal.”) But a book is not an animal. A book is an object. Is an apple an object? Yes, but it is also a fruit. Who are you? I’m Mazi. Big Mazi. What are you? Are you a human? Where is Peter? Peter is sitting on the floor. What’s he like? He’s handsome. Where is Maria? She’s standing. Yes, but what is she standing on? (Hint: “…on what is she standing?”) She’s standing on the ugly chair. Is that it? Yes, that’s it, next to the table.

Send your answers via email to hoss at lodestone dot org or bring them to class next week.