Class notes and homework, Feb 7

In class

We started with some introductory phrases of greeting, thanks, and farewell, and then watched those phrases used in the first part of Mazi en Gondolando:

We also covered most of chapters 1 and 2 in the Marček textbook, Esperanto by direct method.


  • Read pages 7-14 in the textbook and study the grammar handout. (Since the text is on order, I’ll send links to PDF versions of the first four chapters via the class email list.) Pay special attention to pages 12-13, which cover material we didn’t get to in class.
  • On page 14, find the sections labeled Respondu and Kompletigu. Answer (in Esperanto!) the questions in the former, and fill in the blanks in the latter.
  • You should have enough material now to begin your journal. Each day, try to record at least five new words and/or features of the grammar that you’ve encountered, along with a brief explanation in English. Also write down any questions you have, so you’ll remember to ask about them in class!