Class notes, Jan 31

Esperanto estas…

In class we watched parts 2 and 3 of Esperanto estas…, a short film made by Esperanto speakers from around the world to introduce the language to students. If you liked what you saw, you may also want to check out part 4 (below), which presents interviews with various speakers. Hint: at the bottom right of each videos you’ll find a “CC” button for enabling English-language captions.


  • Read the article handout by Esther Schor, “Crocodiling in Esperanto on the streets of Hanoi”.
  • Study the handout on the Esperanto alphabet and spend some time practicing the sounds.
  • Sign up for a free account at the learning site, and check out the alphabet page. It has sound files so you can compare your own pronunciation against a model.
  • Spend a few minutes sampling one of the recent programs from Radio Verda, one of the podcasts we briefly listened to in class. While you won’t understand what you’re hearing at this point, try to get a feel for the sounds and natural rhythm of the language. Does it remind you of any other languages you’ve heard?