Class notes and homework, Apr 6


  • Finish the exercises in chapter 6 and answer the questions about the dialogue. As usual, you can send me your answers for corrections.
  • A reminder: the readings in each lesson introduce a lot of needed vocabulary. It isn’t enough to simply read through once to get the gist of an article; ideally you should re-read the text several times:

    1. On the first pass, just try to get a general idea of what’s going on, without stopping to look up definitions.
    2. Go through the text carefully to identify words that are new, stopping to look up each one in a dictionary or in the word list at the end of the chapter.
    3. Now that none of the words should be completely unfamiliar, try reading through the text once more and see if you can understand it completely.
    4. Ideally, aim for a fourth pass where you can read the entire text smoothly with full comprehension.

    While rereading may seem like overkill at first, you’ll find it enormously helpful in retaining the material. The repeated exposure to model style will also help you build the linguistic “intuition” you’ll need when constructing sentences in everyday speech and writing.